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A patient record can come in many different forms depending […]

A med spa owner has plenty of things to manage […]

A patient’s medical records are crucial to their diagnosis and […]

There are many incentives to adopting electronic medical records (ERMs). […]

A patient's personal health record is one of the most […]

EMR platforms are the norm in most major hospitals and […]

One of the growing pains of an aesthetic spa is […]

While they may be the primary handlers of the data […]

HIPAA and state privacy laws protect patients from the unlawful […]

Advancements in technology have paved the way for any healthcare […]

Standardized performance measures are indicators or metrics that are used […]

Most hospitals now have or are shifting towards electronic medical […]

Over the past few decades, medical knowledge has increased significantly. […]

For Med Spas

Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and similar “functional” institutions are used to […]

Managing a salon or a medspa takes a lot of […]


A medical record is crucial to patient care and is […]

Thousands of electronic medical records are stolen by hackers every […]

Also referred to as Electronic Health Records or EHR, Electronic […]

A health care provider has an extraordinary responsibility when it […]

A patient's personal health record is one of the most […]

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