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Patient forms are at the heart of what makes cosmetic treatments possible – but they’re also some of the more complex things to manage for aesthetic practices. With a variety of forms for every type of treatment that you need, Calysta’s platform allows you to distribute patient forms seamlessly and efficiently, without the need for physical paperwork.

  • Enable advanced analytics with real-time tracking of patient forms and other paperwork.
  • Open your medspa or clinic to innovative features as it grows in the future.
  • Ensure quick and efficient transfer of patient data.
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How Calysta Enables Efficient Processing Of Digital Paperwork

Paperless transactions and form filing have steadily increased in popularity as more and more patients have transitioned to conducting their business online. As a result, digitizing paperwork has become necessary not just for improving workflow, but for providing a far better patient experience. Here’s how Calysta accomplishes this.

In-Built HIPAA Compliance

Paper forms are physical objects – and therefore are vulnerable to things like theft, misplacement, or degradation. All of these are potential grounds for HIPAA violation, as any unauthorized access to your patient data can constitute a breach. Calysta’s paperless forms bypass this risk entirely, helping you stay compliant during your operations.

Clarifies Patient Information

One distinct advantage of going paperless is that you don’t need to run into issues like difficult patient/staff handwriting or mislabelled forms that are difficult to change. Calysta’s forms are clear and concise, allowing you to see all the information that you need at a single glance. You can also edit any mistakes without any trouble.

Allows Patients To Access And Create Their Data Better

Paperless paperwork means your clients can access, fill in, and submit their needed paperwork from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and a capable device. In today’s fast-paced culture where people prefer to do as much as possible on a single device, this convenience can help make your practice stand out.

Calysta: Efficient Paperwork For Today’s Aesthetic Practices

Paperless paperwork is a key component of what makes an aesthetic practice function smoothly. Calysta’s platform fully integrates all the forms needed for your treatments, but without any of the hassle of needing physical copies. By going paperless, both providers and patients alike will have an easier time with their treatments.

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If you’re looking for a platform that can change according to the needs of your practice, address the specific practice management issues that affect aesthetic providers, and engage in a community that cares how you grow, try Calysta today.

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