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We developed an all-in-one EMR So you can concern yourself with what matters most – your patients.

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Managing online medical records has never been easier. Not just that, but a ton of other great features for you to dig into. If you’re interested in getting started with our platform, get in touch with us today to schedule a walkthrough and try a demo of our software. It’s never been easier to keep your practice organized, manage time efficiently, and get to helping as many patients as you can.

More Affordable and just as amazing as well known EMRs like Vagaro, Aesthetic Record, Patient Now, or Dr. Chrono. Claim Free Trial Now!

Features of Calysta EMR

Calysta is more than just an EMR. You get the normal features you get with other EMR’s, and so much more. Scheduling, pre-made templates, and communications with patients are just some of the many features we’ve packed into our EMR platform. Check out some of these great features below.

Premade aesthetic note templates

Custom encounter templates for laser procedures, neuromodulators, micro needling, and more to save time with documentation.

zoom teleconferencing

Pro level Zoom Teleconferencing is integrated into the EMR to allow split screen teleconferencing and note taking.

Automatic backups

All data is backed up daily to ensure your data is secure in the event of an emergency.

practice scheduling

Coordinate schedules and book patients for multiple providers.

digital consents

Consent forms can be made, signed, and stored digitally within the EMR.

text messaging with patients

One way text communication to patients from the EMR.

HIPAA compliance

CalystaPro is built on HIPAA compliant servers. Your data is safe and secure with us.

Award Winning quality

The quality and reliability of our platform is unmatched by other EMR providers.

Touchless payments

Safe, sanitary, touchless payments as we work through these challenging times.

Welcome to CalystaPro – an aesthetic focused and evolving EMR system designed for aesthetic providers by aesthetic physicians and dermatologists. We have all of the features you’ve come to expect from an EMR: HIPAA compliance, automatic backups, practice scheduling, telemedicine, text message communication, inventory management, and documentation – but at a fraction of the price. Our encounter templates are designed by aesthetic physicians to improve your documentation.

Documenting laser procedures is different from documenting neuromodulator injections, so why not use an EMR that knows the difference? We are adding new features every month based on your feedback to be truly customized to your needs. If you’re looking for an affordable EMR for your aesthetic practice, try CalystaPro today.

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A Cloud Based EMR

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Keeping your data stored in the cloud helps to ensure it’s safety. Automated backups take that even further, ensuring that if something its accidentally deleted, it can be restored from a regularly scheduled backup.

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