The Complete Practice Management Tool
That Evolves With You

CalystaPro EMR Overview

All-In One Solutions That Make Practice Management Easier

Calysta is a platform designed to solve the common problems of running a practice – from inventory management to online payroll.
It’s an all-inclusive solution that can help you improve efficiency, provide a better patient experience, and safeguard data.

HIPAA-Compliant Servers

Premade Aesthetic Note Templates


Zoom Conferencing

Automatic Backups

Practice Scheduling

Digital Consent Forms

Online Patient Booking

Patient Specific Photo Storage

Learn more about our community-driven improvements.

Experience an all-in-one practice management platform that grows with your customers and your community.

Use the best developments in information technology to manage your practice and grow your brand.

Every feature you could possibly need for your management, making Calysta the most intuitive and complete practice management solution: from scheduling and patient communications to automatic backups, digital forms, and so much more.

Get a personalized experience from a practice management application that promotes efficiency and quality care.

Powered by a robust and user-oriented design that listens, improves, and innovates by what you need.

Designed By – And For
– Aesthetic Providers

With over a decade of experience in running an aesthetic practice, Dr. Hardik Soni understands the unique challenges facing cosmetic providers with managing their business.

These experiences helped form the foundation of what would become Calysta EMR – and would continue to inform its development in the future.

Learn more about how Calysta can help improve patient care to grow your aesthetic practice.

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Calysta Features:
What Calysta Can Do For You

Designed by veterans in the med spa industry, Calysta provides exactly what a practice needs to run effectively and efficiently.

HIPAA Compliance | Premade Aesthetic Note Templates | E-Prescription | Zoom Teleconferencing | Automatic Backups | Practice Scheduling | Digital Consents | Online Patient Booking | Automated Appointment Reminders | Patient Specific Photo Storage | Text Messaging With Patients | Touchless Payments | KPI Reporting |Inventory Management | Provider Chart Sign Off |Cloud-Based Safety | Two-Way Google Calendar Integration | Library of Learning Resources

Learn more about the features of Calysta’s ever-evolving, ever-changing set of current and upcoming features.

Lift Your Practice Higher With Calysta

Calysta is everything you need in a single solution. Scheduling appointments, processing payments, and updating your database efficiently can all benefit your practice: here’s how Calysta is different.

Real-time information integration.

Through the use of cloud computing, Calysta is able to improve its performance by getting every bit of data you need real-time.

Community-driven improvement.

Calysta grows with the patient and the practice in mind. Community feedback is at the heart of our tool, as we know that only by improving and adding new and exciting features can we create the number one practice management solution on the market.

customer support.

Whether it's an email, call, or website inquiry, our customer service team is always available for help whenever you need it.

The Complete Practice Management Tool
That Evolves With You

As both an EMR and a practice management solution, Calysta is always in the process of developing better features for business and customer alike. Here are just two of the things you can look forward to:

Marketing Suite Of Features

Get a comprehensive view on how your practice performs with its marketing. Do your own marketing reporting or compare your internal numbers with outsourced marketing efforts.

Complete Learning Management Solutions

Access an ever-increasing library of resources about all the necessary treatments, procedures, and even paperwork that your practice needs to stay ahead and compliant in your niche.

Software Made Simple

Practice management tools should always be packed with features that can make running your practice easier – but at Calysta, we believe that simplicity is one of the best ways to provide better service.

Learn more about how our platform can work with your practice.

How Calysta Integrates Into Your Team’s Daily Routine

More than a way to store electronic medical records, Calysta solves many of the issues that aesthetic providers face on a daily basis.

Seamless patient

Never lose track of a patient’s appointment, no matter how full your clinic is that day.


Integrate your operations at every point across different staff, locations, and practices without any delays or worries about lost data.

Full developer

Problem with a feature? Let us know and we’ll get back to you pronto. We listen to our users – and it's your feedback that shapes how Calysta evolves

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Use Calysta To Improve the Patient Experience

No more looking around your home for your electronic health record or any forms needed for your appointment.

Appointments made easy.

A few clicks is all you need to access the patient portal, search your status, and put in your appointment.

Real-time updates.

Any changes in your treatments or treatments are updated in real time, giving you more freedom to schedule them.

Paperless paperwork

No more need to lug around a folder full for forms: fill out, sign, and submit any paperwork needed online.

FAQs About Calysta

How often are your features updated?

We try to maintain a consistent schedule of updating our platform and its features almost in real-time – that way your practice doesn’t have to wait too long for any improvements, but you also don’t experience frequent downtime because of the upgrades to the tool. Tweaks can be made in hours or days; larger additions can be added in weeks or months.

What’s your payment model?

We offer subscription-based models depending on the number of users you need for your Calysta database. We have options for single users, multiple users, and more. For more information on our prices, check our pricing guide/product page.

Does Calysta support photo/media uploads?

Practices looking to submit different kinds of documentation can easily upload photos and other media to our cloud-based servers. We may also develop other features that can integrate recordings and reports in real time, or keeping copies of your telecommunications – stay tuned!

Is POS integrated?

All POS features are integrated with the use of a third party merchant service provider to manage transactions. This comes at a separate cost of $12 per month, with a highly competitive 1.8 to 1.9% cut per transaction. With this integration, you should be able to send invoices and receive payment via SMS or email. However, this is an optional service, so if you are already accustomed to another POS system you are free to still use that for transactions and our EMR for charting, documenting, and scheduling.

What if I use another system?

As long as you are able to export your patient profile list as a CSV file we can import that into our EMR system. Other features such as templates for consent and encounter forms can’t be transferred over, but we have available staff who can guide you on how to rebuild these templates on our end.

What kind of support will I receive?

We have available staff dedicated to answer any questions you may have. There is a support button at the bottom right of the page to submit a question with attachments. Our staff can then reach back out via email with the answer and can even schedule a Zoom call to review. We also have a library of instructional videos to walk you through all of the features in case you need to review.

What kind of reporting can I do?

With our KPI reporting feature you can view the total sales and breakdown of all the generated invoices. You are able to separate the totals by the amount invoiced, the amount paid in taxes, the totals for service sales, the total for product sales, discounts, and even calculate commission for your providers. You can also filter this data by provider, specific services or products, packages, payment types, and date range.

How do I integrate with the online booking feature?

To integrate with our booking feature, we recommend using our specific booking link and embedding it as a button on your website. That way clients can click on the button and be redirected to our online booking window. You can also customize staff booking availability based on their provider schedule and available services.

Is there an E-prescription feature?

Yes, we have an optional E-prescription feature for an additional charge of $240 per year. It is integrated seamlessly so you will be able to access it directly from our EMR system.

Is there a program I need to download?

No. Our system is currently browser-based so you may access it from any device's web browser (we recommend Chrome as it is most optimized for it). Simply launch your browser, open our page at, and login with your account details. We are also launching a dedicated app on IOS soon so you'll be able to access that via your phone and tablet as well.

Is there a patient portal?

No, currently there is no patient portal, only a user portal. All consent forms, encounter forms, reminders, and messages can be sent to the patient as a link via SMS texting or email for them to access and return. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Calysta EMR:
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If you’re looking for a platform that can change according to the needs of your practice, address the specific practice management issues that affect aesthetic providers, and engage in a community that cares how you grow, try Calysta today.