Online Scheduling Software: Vagaro vs. Mindbody

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Many businesses in the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries are adapting to the new normal. This can mean a lot of changes to your operations: from providing contactless and cashless payments to online checkouts, to low-contact booking. When it comes to booking appointments, businesses are beginning to see the benefit of allowing customers to book online.

To automate the process, business owners have implemented online scheduling software like Vagaro and Mindbody, but which one is the better option? While they’re both effective software solutions that provide key features, the differences between software options can be a lot in terms of value for your business. In this article, we’ll do a software comparison on Vagaro vs. Mindbody, two software programs that offer online booking for businesses that fall under the beauty, wellness, or fitness industry. 

Vagaro vs. Mindbody

Vagaro is an all-in-one scheduling and management software for businesses in the beauty and fitness industries, catering to businesses of all sizes. Users can search for services under these industries and come across your business when searching for one of your offerings and book an appointment. On top of this, Vagaro also provides various online services and tools to improve your business’s online presence and operations, including website building, user reviews, analytics, multi-location management, and more.  

Mindbody is an all-in-one solution for spas, yoga studios, and other businesses in the beauty, health, and wellness. It’s the largest global wellness network where potential clients can find fitness, beauty, and wellness services remotely or within their area. If they’re interested in your services and prices, they can easily book an appointment for that service through the Mindbody app, your website, or your own custom business app.  

Comparing Vagaro vs. Mindbody

PricingStarts at $25 per month30-day free trial periodNo credit card requiredSubscription-basedStarts at $139No credit card requiredSubscription-based
Features and ServicesA platform where users can search for your services and book you from social media, the Vagaro app, your website, or your own app.  Offers advanced features for businesses that fall under beauty and wellness, including:Pay deskLivestreamOnline storeOnline bookingCustomer trackingMarketing toolsWebsite builderMemberships and gift cardsProduct inventory trackingPayroll and payment processingCan integrate with other social media platforms and third-party programsMindbody software allows businesses in the health, beauty, and wellness industries can list their business, services, and prices. Interested users can easily book an appointment on the platform.Provides additional basic features curated to different industries: Fitness, Salon, Spa, and Integrative Health.Offers business management, location management, client experience, marketing feature, and payments products
Customer SizeFreelancersSmall businesses and startupsMid size businessesLarge businessesSmall businesses and startupsMid size businessesLarge businesses
CompatibilityWeb-based platformiOS appsAndroid appsWeb-based platformiOS appAndroid app
Customer ServicePhoneOnline chat supportEmailSupport articlesPhoneEmail customer supportSupport center articles

Which One Should You Choose?

Choose Vagaro If…Choose Mindbody If…
You want a free trial before committing to a system. If you’re browsing scheduling software and want to experience the interface before committing to it by subscribing to monthly or annual purchases, Vagaro allows you a month-long free trial.

Wider reach on social platforms. Both Vagaro and Mindbody have their own platforms where your business can be seen by users, but social media is also a good place to market your business and find more potential customers. Vagaro can integrate into Facebook and Instagram, while Mindbody can only integrate into Facebook. Vagaro can also integrate with Yelp, attracting customers from real user reviews from the site.

Build a website. Vagaro has a website builder that can help you create a business website if you haven’t already. In comparison, Mindbody allows you to integrate your booking calendar into your website, but it needs to already exist.
You want additional exposure to users looking for your services but haven’t heard of your businesses. Unlike other scheduling software, Mindbody software isn’t limited to people who want to book your services. They show your business to those in search of your services through their website and app, providing you with additional exposure to the right audiences, which can turn leads into clients. Mindbody is the largest global network, so your business can gain exposure from its users.

You’re a new business that’s expanding rapidly. For its price, Mindbody is one of the pricier scheduling software on the market. However, it’s not just a scheduling software – it’s an all-in-one solution with useful tools that can justify its price. If you’re a new business, you can maximize the cost of Mindbody by taking advantage of all its tools relevant to you, especially if you’re just starting or looking to upgrade as your business expands.  

Track your marketing and ROI. Mindbody allows you to integrate with Mailchimp and Google Analytics, which Vagaro cannot provide. These are effective tools that can improve your marketing strategies and show the numbers to prove it.  

Benefits of Operating with Scheduling Software

  • Reduce errors. Automated and digital scheduling reduces the chance of human error on your business’ part, avoiding double-booking and forgetting appointments. This can increase your profitability and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Fewer no-shows. Rather than messaging all your clients to remind them of their appointment, your software can automatically send out emails, SMS notifications, and reminder notifications.
  • Track performance and productivity. You can easily see how busy your business is, your number of loyal clients, your busiest times, and more. This can allow you to make better business decisions when deciding to expand your business.

Get the Scheduling Software that Best Addresses Your Needs

Both Vagaro and Mindbody stand out in a sea of business scheduling software solutions because of the additional exposure they can provide you. More than just scheduling apps, both can put you on a platform seen by relevant users. However, their differences are important to note.

Vagaro is ideal for businesses that want solutions that extend outside of marketing and customer bookings, for a more affordable price. Mindbody, on the other hand, is best for businesses that want to take advantage of the largest global network of beauty, fitness, and wellness brands for additional exposure while making the most out of all the business management, location management, client experience, marketing, and payments products it provides.

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