Appointment Scheduling Software Comparisons: Acuity Scheduling vs. Calendly

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Serviced-based businesses are facing a challenge when it comes to operating in the new normal: reducing walk-ins and waitlists by implementing a more efficient scheduling process. Appointment scheduling apps have greatly helped businesses in all industries manage these requirements, making appointment bookings more efficient and providing more benefits in their auxiliary operations.

If you’re shopping around for an appointment scheduling platform and it comes down to Acuity Scheduling and Calendly, how do you choose between the two? While both are good choices as a scheduling solution, they have varying pros and cons that can affect your experience and operations. That’s why it’s to keep reading and see which of these appointment booking solutions can give you the best value for your business.

Acuity Scheduling vs. Calendly

Acuity Scheduling is a product of Squarespace, a platform where you can build your business website, but is available for websites hosted on any platform. The online scheduler software caters to all small to medium service-based businesses in need of scheduling apps.

Acuity Scheduling allows you to customize your scheduling page, which your clients can then easily choose an appointment time based on your availability or reschedule to another available time. Before the appointment, clients can receive an automated email and other automatic notifications to remind them of their appointment. Acuity Scheduling can support third-party app integration and other software used for the auxiliary operations of your business.

Calendly is a scheduling tool that caters to businesses of all sizes and industries. You can simply input your entire schedule or availability options, share your Calendly link on your website or to interested clients who want to book, and then let your prospective customer find the best time for them with real-time calendar availability. This allows anyone – businesses, professionals, and employees – to schedule their activities efficiently.

This can be used at your business location that requires appointments, online meetings (through Google Meet or Zoom Integration), or even reminders to meet up with your clients at other locations. It offers flexible use in terms of appointment types, meeting types, and other unlimited event types.

Comparing Scheduling Apps: Acuity Scheduling vs. Calendly

 Acuity SchedulingCalendly
PricingStarts at $14 per month7-day free trial periodFree basic plan account availableNo credit card requiredSubscription-basedStarts at $8 per month  14-day free trial periodFree basic version account availableNo credit card requiredSubscription-based
Basic Features and ServicesAcuity Scheduling allows businesses in various industries to integrate the software into their scheduling page and provide automated scheduling. You can also integrate third-party programs like Google Analytics for reports, Paypal for payment plans, and other app integrations for more tools.Send custom email notifications and other email blasts.Clients can fill up intake forms and customized forms prior to the appointment.Acuity Schedule’s Powerhouse plan allows you to sign a BAA for HIPAA complianceCan integrate with third-party appsManage businesses with multiple locationsFocuses mainly on calendar management, activity management, client management, and automated notifications and automatic reminders.Offers activity tracking, collaboration, meeting management, and access control settings – examples of advanced features not available with Acuity Scheduling.Send custom email notifications and other email reminders.Link to Calendly can be shared with potential clients or embedded into a scheduling button on your website or app, redirecting clients to your Calendly schedule.
Customer SizeFreelancersSmall businesses and startupsMid size businessesFreelancersSmall businesses and startupsMid size businessesLarge businesses
CompatibilityWeb-based platformiOS appAndroid appWeb-based platformiOS app
Customer ServiceEmail customer support available Monday to Friday, 7am to 8pm, EST.Acuity Certified Experts provide hands-on help through calls and videoconferencingSupport center articlesEmail customer supportOnline chat supportSupport center articles

Calendly vs Acuity Scheduling: Which One Should You Choose?

Choose Acuity Scheduling If...Choose Calendly If...
You’re looking to replace multiple admin systems with one single tool that can integrate with other third-party apps. It can be overwhelming for you and your staff to learn and manage multiple software to handle all your auxiliary operations. Acuity Scheduling provides a single cloud-based tool with multiple products. It’s more expensive than Calendly, but it can save your business on costs when you no longer need other systems.

You want a customizable scheduling page. Acuity Scheduling offers custom page styling and website builders, allowing you to design your scheduling page to your own brand’s style and needs. However, you will need someone skilled in CSS to fully achieve the page you want.

You’re a small business that wants to integrate various third-party apps. Offering more than just robust scheduling features, Acuity Scheduling allows you to easily integrate third-party apps without feeling overwhelmed by the number of apps since. The scheduling software can provide a seamless experience. Use Stripe and Paypal to process payments, Zapier for task automation, and Google Analytics to measure your performance and ROI.
You only need an appointment scheduling feature from a lightweight meeting scheduling program. If you’ve already established an auxiliary operations system in your business and are only looking to upgrade from manual reservation records, Calendly is the more affordable option as a simple scheduling tool. Acuity Scheduling costs more because of the additional features and business tools it provides, but this may not be necessary to some businesses.

You are a larger business. Larger businesses may not benefit from Acuity Scheduling’s business administration features as these systems should already be in place if your business has reached a certain size. Calendly focuses on its scheduling features to carry larger business’ bookings, making it more efficient for larger capacities. 

You want to integrate with Gmail, Zendesk, and Microsoft Teams. These programs can be a huge advantage if you want to schedule your meetings more efficiently. Scheduling a meeting or appointment with a client can be a seamless experience. For example, your clients can have notifications automatically sent to their Google Calendar to remind them of their appointment.

Benefits of Operating with Scheduling Software

  • Reduce human error from the business side. Paper-based records are more prone to incidents such as double-booking or forgetting to write down appointments. This is the fault of your business, which can result in unhappy customers if you are unable to accommodate them despite this error.
  • More efficient operations and better performance. From notifying clients with automatic time reminders to prevent no-shows (instead of constant contact and follow-up emails with all your clients), to plotting down your business’ activities throughout the day to track your time and performance, your business can benefit from having automated scheduling apps that are accessible to all.
  • Make better business decisions. Whether it’s hiring more staff to open up more time slots or changing the business hours to accommodate more people in a day, seeing a record of your appointments can allow any business owner to make informed decisions on your next step.

Combine Efficiency and Data with the Right Online Scheduling Tool

Either Acuity Scheduling or Calendly can be a good online scheduling tool for your business, regardless of size or industry. But to make the most out of the software you use, it’s important to get what your business really needs and which of these two can answer all your needs.

Acuity Scheduling is the better solution for those who want more than just an online scheduling tool. If you’re looking to upgrade your system and would rather have multiple tools in one software to streamline your auxiliary processes, the higher cost of Acuity Scheduling is worth it. On the other hand, Calendly is the better solution for those who simply want calendar integrations without all the frills. Calendly focuses on scheduling alone, making it a powerful booking tool for less.

Calysta is the all-in-one EMR solution for aesthetic clinics, dermatologists, and other similar businesses. When you have all your auxiliary operations addressed in one helpful software – from the scheduling process to the built-in teleconferencing features – you can reduce costs on other tools and create a seamless operation that benefits your patients. Claim your free one-month trials today and see why our software stands out in the industry.

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