Automatic Backups

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In the event of a data breach, server shutdown, or simply for your own peace of mind, Calysta’s secure cloud-based backups can help restore any data you need quickly and efficiently. Automated backups ensure that you never have to worry about your data ever again.

  • Automated backups protect your data in case of cyberattacks or server failures.
  • Cloud-based systems allow data restoration almost instantaneously.
  • Choose from different backup points for reference and reporting.
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How Calysta Backs Up Your Data Automatically

By automating the data backup process, our platform ensures that you never lose access to any information about your business’s operations. Removing the need to manually keep track of your backups frees your focus on more important things – and allows you to keep your operations running smoothly.

Schedule Your Backups Depending On Your Needs

Med spas and cosmetic clinics don’t always have the same need for backups – bigger practices need more frequent backups, and smaller practices may need to check with previous data sets to grow their business. Calysta allows you to put your data backups on a schedule, and you can leave it running in the background while you continue with your day-to-day tasks.

Access Past Versions Of Your Backups

Calysta can help you access your past backups beyond the latest one, giving you a comprehensive overview of any changes made in your system over time. This is particularly useful if you’re tracking specific statistics about your operations, like inventory management or appointment scheduling.

Secure Data Protection

Users can trust that Calysta’s cloud-based server infrastructure is thoroughly protected by the latest advancements in IT security. Whether it’s a breach, user error, or any other problem with your platform, you can ensure that your backups are stored securely while still remaining accessible to you.

Calysta: Automatic Backups For A More Secure EMR Platform

Practice management software isn’t always infallible – and in cases where the worst may happen, it’s important to have backups in place. Calysta’s automated backup systems allow you to keep your data secure while also freeing your time and efforts towards creating and changing your data rather than protecting it.

Calysta EMR:
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