Premade Aesthetic Note Templates

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Calysta allows you to keep quick notes on your patients about their aesthetic treatments, fully integrating them into the EMR system so you can access them for easy reference. Premade templates mean that your notes can be interpreted consistently across your network, helping your staff provide better levels of care for your patients.

  • Premade templates make note-taking more efficient for a variety of procedures.
  • Consult notes throughout the patient’s treatments for better oversight.
  • Access your aesthetic notes anywhere at any time within the cloud.
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How Calysta Enhances Note-Taking For Your Practice

Taking notes is a daily routine that many providers go through, with these notes often forming the basis of long-term treatment plans. Calysta drastically simplifies the process of note-taking by integrating premade aesthetic note templates into its EMR system, allowing one to write, access, and compile notes with ease.

Premade Templates Across Your Entire Practice

With premade templates, your providers won’t need to consult each other (or their patients) as often about the details of their treatments. Streamlining their notes helps them fill them out more efficiently, which means less time is wasted on trying to figure out notes if they’ve been left by another member of your staff.

Integrated Into The EMR

Calysta integrates these aesthetic notes with other relevant sections of your patient information, ensuring that you get a comprehensive overview of everything related to the patient’s condition and feedback with a single glance. With all of them being accessible from the platform itself, this ensures your staff has an easier time navigating multiple notes.

Updated In Real Time

Calysta’s cloud-based system means every note you make in the system is automatically updated for everyone else on the platform in real-time, allowing different staff members to be kept in the loop about any changes made to treatments or specific patients. Automated data backups means your employees will never have to worry about misplacing notes either.

Calysta: Note-Taking Made Easier

Premade aesthetic note templates can help your staff do their tasks more efficiently, but they can also be an excellent reference if your patients want clarifications about the details or progress of their treatments. By automating this process with premade templates, you're able to focus on the treatments rather than the paperwork surrounding them.

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