Touchless Payments

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With fully integrated touchless payment options, Calysta helps practices overcome the challenges of seamless payments between providers and patients. As an EMR platform that features smooth payment solutions, we can help you easily collect from your clients and improve your cash inflow.

  • Guarantee a safe yet efficient way for your patients to make their payments.
  • Improve patient experience during the payment process.
  • Automate payments, billing reports, and receipts.
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How Calysta Makes Touchless Payments Pay Off

Touchless payments have been a feature that many cosmetic and medical practices have included as part of their transactions, but it’s still a feature that may not always be as seamless for patients and providers alike. With the full integration of touchless payments, Calysta helps improve the level of customer service that you can provide.

A Single System For Your Collections

A fully integrated touchless payment system helps improve the rate of your collections as your patients find it easier to pay for their treatments in a single place. It’s a distinct advantage over using multiple systems of payments, as you avoid giving your clients a bad experience by having them jump through a lot of hoops when they pay.

Secure Transactions

A single point of access also means the payment process is more secure. Combined with Calysta’s high level of cloud-based security, you don’t have to worry about data breaches or other unauthorized parties interfering with your collection process – a common tactic many cyber attackers use when stealing from businesses.

Maintain Records And Track Statistics Over Time

The real-time updates provided by Calysta also mean that you can have an easier time auditing and reporting your profits without having to do too much work. This is particularly useful if you’re planning to put your patients on a subscription model since most cosmetic treatments can take multiple treatments over time.

Calysta: Touchless Payment Made Easy

Having a touchless payment system is crucial for the modern practice management system to improve patient experience and operate seamlessly. It’s not just making paying for your services easier – it’s a way for your practice to provide better and safer services for your clients.

Calysta EMR:
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