Top 6 EMR Implementation Challenges For Aesthetic Practices and How To Overcome Them

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EMR platforms are the norm in most major hospitals and clinics in the world, but there’s a reason why cosmetic spas and aesthetic clinics have been slow to adopt this technology. EMR platforms are primarily designed for medical practices, which means much of its usefulness can be undermined when implemented in an aesthetic practice.

So what are the main EMR implementation challenges for aesthetic clinics? The biggest one would have to be compatibility. But with aesthetic-focused platforms like Calysta, medspas and cosmetic practices now have a reliable platform built with their needs in mind. 

Below are the other bottlenecks to the EMR/EHR integration and implementation processes, as well as some tips on how to navigate them. 

6 EMR/EHR Implementation Challenges

1. Compatibility with the Practice

Aesthetic practices have specific needs and data that aren’t being addressed by the mainstream EMR and EHR vendor. EMR implementation is difficult, even impossible, when systems crucial to how aesthetic spas operate are neglected by existing platforms. 

Luckily, EMR software such as Calysta are emerging to give aesthetic practices the same experience as medical practice institutions; with the same functionalities but tailor-fitted specifically for med spas. 

Functions like consent form delivery, appointment tracking, and text messaging allow med spas to leverage EMR software and boost their sales on top of improving their healthcare practice. 

2. Time-Consuming Training 

New software means onboarding and training. Teams that are deeply entrenched in manual documentation and handling patient records manually might have a difficult time transitioning to a digital archive, despite the obvious benefits of having an electronic medical record system. 

This can prove especially difficult if the EMR/EHR system has a steep learning curve. Healthcare professionals often see this implementation as a disruption rather than an integration. Because of this, they are likely to reject the software without ever having tried it. 

That doesn’t mean all EMR/EHR software are created equally. If training and onboarding are your primary concerns, look into plug and play options that require little to no training. User-friendly interface and intuitive features are necessary for successful EHR implementation

The only way this system will work for you is if your team is open to working alongside it. 

3. Upfront Cost of Use

Electronic health record systems can be hefty and not always accessible to smaller clinics and facilities. One challenge is to find an EMR system that fulfills all the tasks your team needs while still being within budget. 

For smaller institutions, EHR adoption is out of the question because of upfront costs. Storing patient records digitally means the need for a server and additional cybersecurity upgrades. The cost of scaling the IT infrastructure alone might scare off healthcare organizations from even looking into software. If your aesthetic spa has a handful of machines and lasers and just one location, it doesn’t make much sense to invest in a full server to do a lot of digital heavy lifting. 

The good news is, there are EMR providers that securely host the data for you. Cloud-based platforms like Calysta allow healthcare professionals to store patient data safely on the cloud without having to invest in additional hardware. 

4. Maintenance Costs and Usability 

Adopting new technology means adding recurring expenses to the monthly tab. A new server, among other IT upgrades, requires new maintenance costs that may not necessarily be something a smaller health care organization has the privilege of doing. 

Again, going for a cloud-based platform erases all that. A plug and play option can operate on existing endpoint devices such a laptop or computer; there are no new recurring expenses except for the subscription fee for the new software. Any maintenance and repair issues are handled by the vendor. 

Because the data isn’t stored in-house, your clinic doesn’t have to worry about data breaches and leaks, reducing the risk of attacks and eliminating the obligation to fortify your cybersecurity. There won’t be any additional operational costs on top of what you’re already paying for the software. 

5. Data Migration 

Turning paperwork into electronic records can be time-consuming. For most, this feels like a redundant step rather than something that replaces an existing system. For adoption to feel like a successful implementation, professionals need to see a direct benefit to their day-to-day operations. 

While data entry and migration is necessary in EMR, platforms like Calysta ensure that new patients entering the system as well as future bookings encounter zero redundancy. For instance, Calysta offers a customizable note feature that allows aestheticians to create note documents customized to services which can then be saved as a template and used every time a patient undergoes a treatment. 

This is a prime example of usability. Future electronic records aren’t “migrated”, they come directly from the platform and saved onto the cloud. Look for a platform with automatic back ups. These ensure that the latest information and data are stored to the cloud even without manual interference. 

6. Concerns with Privacy

Legal disputes arise from security breaches that can cost a hospital hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. This can be avoided by not going digital in the first place. 

Again, this concern is relevant for organizations and institutions that choose to host their data in-house. Without an in-house IT department, their health information system is at severe risk of corruption or downtime. Even with a capable team, hackers can still find their way into the system and cause data breach. 

With a third-party provider, your organization doesn’t have to worry about these things. With data secured on the cloud, the vendor has the legal obligation to protect the health information and your liabilities are minimized in case of a breach. 

EMR for Aestheticians: What Makes Calysta Different

Calysta is an aesthetic-focused platform designed by aestheticians for aestheticians. Our platform has features that are created with medical spas operations and functionalities in mind. 

On top of improved workflow and easy access to electronic records of your patients, Calysta can reduce physician burnout and improve the way your clinic handles bookings and appointments with the following features: 

  • Text messaging: Drastically reduce no-show rates by reminding clients of their appointment and booking. Eliminate double booking with Calysta’s calendar and booking feature. 
  • Digital consents and online payment: Send consent forms that can be electronically signed by the patient in the comfort of their own homes. These consent forms are conveniently stored on the EMR, alongside any other patient information. With the online payment integration, your clinic can allow patients to pre-pay for their treatments. This increases sign ups and helps confirm appointments, increasing conversion through convenience. 
  • Customizable and flexible: Calysta is an electronic record software built with better functionalities than software used by primary care providers. Whereas traditional EMR are rigid and difficult to use, Calysta is intuitive and extremely user-friendly. Customizable functionalities are available to turn patient care and digitalization automatic and hassle-free. 
  • Zoom conference integration: With Calysta, telemedicine is the norm, not a separate option. Aesthetic providers can host online consultations over the secure network through video conferencing. These bookings are automatically included on the calendar. 
  • True plug and play: Calysta is compatible with major computers. There is no need to invest in additional equipment or think about new recurring costs. The platform is hosted on HIPAA compliant servers and performs automatic back ups, meaning zero maintenance is required from your team. 

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