Inventory Management

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Inventory management is crucial for aesthetic practices, who often need to keep track of a variety of aesthetic medicines and match them to the right patient appointments. Calysta integrates inventory management as one of the core features of the platform, helping providers track their stocks properly while growing their business.

  • Accurately track your inventory depending on the different categories of your products.
  • Prevent inventory mismanagement with an overview of your inventory in real-time.
  • Match your inventories with the proper cosmetic procedures.
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How Calysta Helps Improves Your Inventory Tracking

Calysta’s all-in-one solution aims to help providers keep track of their inventories without having to extensively track and label their stocks over time. This includes tracking the products most used by their patients, analytics over time, and ultimately recommending the best products to fit your patient’s needs.

Specifically Designed For Aesthetic Practices

Track your products with inventory management designed specifically for aesthetic practices. Dedicated fields for different types of products like injectables can be further subdivided based on treatment, frequency of application, and overall patient demand.

Track Changes In Real Time Across Multiple Locations

Calysta’s cloud-based architecture allows for seamless tracking over multiple locations – whether it’s inside the same medspa or clinic. Cloud updates reflect your inventory status in real-time, with your staff able to access the system from anywhere when they need it. The platform can also reflect changes in inventory across different locations for larger businesses.

Improves Operations

With a comprehensive overview of your stocks, your staff never has to worry about the availability of your medspa or cosmetic clinic’s services day by day. Calysta gives you the capability to track your inventories and establish trends, helping you plan to meet surges in demand with consistency and ease.

Calysta: EMR For Comprehensive Inventory Management

Automating inventory management is an effective way of improving your operations, especially if you’re administering a variety of cosmetic treatments. By helping your employees keep track of where – and how much – of your products you have left, you can always make sure that there will be enough to meet the needs of your clients when they come in for their treatments. Over time, this consistent management not only improves your operations, but it also helps y you provide a higher standard of care.

Calysta EMR:
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If you’re looking for a platform that can change according to the needs of your practice, address the specific practice management issues that affect aesthetic providers, and engage in a community that cares how you grow, try Calysta today.

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