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Calysta helps your medspa or aesthetic clinic stay up to date with any changes in your patient appointments, treatment records, and other necessary information on running your business. With cloud-based capabilities, managing your practice has never been easier.

  • Accessible data through cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Real-time updates on changes in information with your patients or your practice.
  • Easier management of inventories and documentaries across devices and locations.
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How Calysta’s Cloud-Based System Improves Your Operations

Cloud-based technology has been an integral part of any practice management platform, but it’s Calysta’s specific design that makes it even more crucial for aesthetic practices. With cloud-based support, many of the tasks that would otherwise take up plenty of your time can now be done within minutes.

Access Across Different Devices

Calysta can be accessed from different devices regardless of time or location – never again do you need to worry about patient data being inaccessible when you need it. As long as you have the right credentials and internet access, you’ll always be able to access the platform whenever you want.

Accessible For Patients

Cloud-based capabilities also make it easier for your patients to interact with your practice, as the accessibility your business enjoys also extends to their own devices. Calysta’s patient portal is fully cloud-accessible, allowing patients to contact your staff, arrange appointments, and otherwise stay in touch with you without too much trouble.

Cost-Effective Solution

Instead of worrying about storing your data in an internal server, cloud-based technology helps offset any costs that you may have spent on setting up and maintaining your own IT infrastructure. Calysta is fully supported in the cloud, allowing you to get the same kind of data storage, security, and accessibility you’d expect from an internal server – without the expensive price tag.

Calysta: Cloud-Based EMR Practice Management

Calysta’s cloud infrastructure makes it ideal for any aesthetic practice, regardless of size and/or technical expertise. Not only is it an accessible solution, but it’s also one that scales and grows with your business as needed. By leveraging the cloud, you’re able to work better for your patients to provide a higher quality of care.

Calysta EMR:
We Work For Our Users

If you’re looking for a platform that can change according to the needs of your practice, address the specific practice management issues that affect aesthetic providers, and engage in a community that cares how you grow, try Calysta today.

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