Scheduling Software Comparisons: Acuity vs. Squarespace Scheduling

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Businesses providing services are looking for more ways to streamline scheduling appointments and improve customer satisfaction. One of the best ways of doing this is by installing appointment scheduling software into their online presence, thus making it easier for customers to book an appointment.

Two popular appointment booking apps include Acuity Scheduling and Squarespace Scheduling, but which one is better? Both are products under the Squarespace company, and while both share nearly the same advanced features and have the same appointment packages, there are some differences to it, especially depending on whether or not business owners have a Squarespace account. Here’s what you should know between the two.

Acuity vs. Squarespace Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling was originally founded in 2006 but was acquired by Squarespace in 2019. Acuity Scheduling is an appointment software that helps small businesses schedule advanced appointment times and manage their online bookings by working with any web hosting service.

Squarespace Scheduling is a Squarespace feature where businesses who host their website through Squarespace can opt to have their clients book appointments within the same website. Through Squarespace, businesses can create their domain, build their website, and use email marketing tools to reach out to customers.

Comparing Acuity Scheduling vs. Squarespace Scheduling

 Acuity SchedulingSquarespace Scheduling
PricingStarts at $14 per monthFree 7-day trial availableNo credit card requiredSubscription-basedStarts at $14 per monthFree 14-day trial availableNo credit card requiredFree account availableSubscription-based
Features and ServicesAllows clients to self-schedule appointments, fill-up custom intake forms, receive reminder emails, and pay with credit cards.Acuity Scheduling gives employees varying levels of access to specific calendars.The Powerhouse plan is designed to comply with HIPAA standards, but cannot use certain Squarespace features if you want to maintain HIPAA compliance.Cannot be changed to a Squarespace Scheduling subscription.Squarespace is an all-in-one marketing platform to build a website, measure marketing and analytics, and schedule appointments. Users who opt for Squarespace Scheduling have easy access to the rest of Squarespace’s tools, though some may come with additional cost.The Powerhouse plan is designed to comply with HIPAA standards, but cannot use certain Squarespace features if you want to maintain HIPAA compliance.Cannot be changed to an Acuity Scheduling subscription.
Customer SizeFreelancersSmall businesses and start-upsMid size businessesFreelancersSmall businesses and start-upsMid size businessesLarge businesses
CompatibilityWeb-based platformiPhone appAndroid appWeb-based platformAndroid app
Customer ServiceEmail online support online from Monday to Friday, 7am to 8pm, Eastern Time (periodically throughout weekends and holidays)Acuity Certified Experts that can offer hands-on help via calls and videoconferencingOffers email and live chat from Monday to Friday, 4am to 8pm, Eastern Time.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choose Acuity Scheduling If...Chose Squarespace Scheduling If...
You want HIPAA-compliant scheduling software on any web hosting service. You aren’t limited to Squarespace and can have Acuity Scheduling function as a standalone product that functions on any website.

You want to integrate your scheduling software on Shopify. Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can advertise your services, making it easier for an interested potential client to book an appointment with your business.

You want to integrate your appointment calendar block on WordPress websites. Unlike Squarespace Scheduling, Acuity Scheduling can integrate your scheduling block and other appointment listings on websites hosted by WordPress.  
You want HIPAA-compliant scheduling software without installing third-party software onto your account. The HIPAA-compliant Powerhouse Plan is available for both Acuity and Squarespace Scheduling under their premium plans. However, if you want to minimize the number of third-party software into your Squarespace account as a security measure, it is much better to get the Squarespace Scheduling.

You are a large business. Unlike Acuity, which caters to small to medium businesses and has a more basic appointment scheduling capability, Squarespace Scheduling has the ability to function well for even larger enterprises that still want a flexible appointment scheduler to meet their operations’ needs. This includes larger bandwidth, automated message reminders, and other additional needs larger businesses face during operations that the appointment app can handle.

You want to integrate into more social media platforms. Squarespace can integrate with popular social media websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This makes it easier for users to access your scheduling block, intake forms, and other necessary pages before their appointment. In comparison, Acuity is limited to Facebook integration.  

Benefits of Business Operations with Scheduling Software

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  • Fewer errors compared to paper records. In the past, customers were limited to walk-ins or were at risk of double bookings, which negatively affected customer satisfaction. With scheduling software, you can prevent double bookings, improve appointment confirmation, provide customers the flexibility to choose their appointment slots, and remind them with appointment notifications to reduce no-shows and wasted time and revenue.
  • Streamlined booking process. Online users interested in booking upcoming appointments can easily access scheduling software whether they’re on your website, e-commerce platform, or on one of your social media platforms. Some software also support online appointments through their own call and videoconferencing platforms or with features like Zoom integration.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Making the process more efficient can result in a better customer experience. From an easy booking experience, the ability to choose from a range of appointment types, receiving an automatic reminder, and other features, a good experience can help you grow a loyal customer base and encourage customers to refer your business to their network.

Install Scheduling Software onto Your Business Website Today

Although Acuity Scheduling and Squarespace Scheduling are under the same company and provide roughly the same features, there are some differences in how it can help your business, depending on your existing website and your other marketing and advertising strategies.

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