Aesthetic Record Review: The Best EMR System For An Aesthetic Practice?

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For aesthetic clinics, getting the right electronic medical record system is no longer a luxury but a necessity for their clinic to keep running and grow. From virtual consultation to reputation management, EMR software like Aesthetic Record provides the support needed to make any procedure easier with the operation of any cosmetic provider.

But should you invest in the Aesthetic Record EMR system? This review aims to provide clearer expectations on what aesthetic providers can get from using this platform - from setting up the 1st procedure of their patient using electronic charting, to the paperless tracking of automated appointment reminders and employee performance.

Aesthetic Record Review

With a slew of features that can fully automate several key operations of an aesthetic practice, Aesthetic Record shines as a platform to bridge the gap between patient and clinic management. Marketed as an all-inclusive tool that aims to centralize everything a business owner needs to run their aesthetic practice, it’s an EMR solution that has one simple goal: to make operations easier.

Here’s how it holds up:

The Strong Points

Right off the bat, the most useful feature of Aesthetic Record is how comprehensive it can compile all the essential functions of EMR software in one platform – all while adding some extra features that basically function as quality of life improvement for helping patient management go smoothly. Once the setup is complete, your capability to oversee every important aspect of running your aesthetic practice can make your daily operations (as well as any long-term planning) much easier.

Aesthetic Record’s features make it an excellent patient portal for setting up appointments, especially for an aesthetic practice. The capability to add before and after patient photos and videos can make tracking their progress and different diagnoses in your clinic easier, as well as coordinating the next phase of their treatment routine if they’re a regular client. By giving patients a visible look at where they started from versus where they are now after your treatment, it can instill confidence in your treatments and make them more likely to trust you for any future aesthetic treatments. This is crucial for several different aesthetic procedures that require regular maintenance and retouches, such as Botox injections or dermal filler injectables.

As for clinic operations, the advanced reporting function of Aesthetic Record makes it extremely easy to analyze and formulate any marketing campaigns, inventory management, and operational improvements for the day-to-day routines of your clinic. Since aesthetic providers often have a staggering amount of inventory to micromanage at all times, having a robust inventory system is a crucial feature that can vastly improve the daily operations of your business, as well as make supply chain management and other inventory concerns easier to manage. If you have confidence in your clinic's ability to have access to all the tools, supplies, and products that it needs without losing track of where everything is, then it becomes easier to scale operations upward.

Finally, the consistent improvements that Aesthetic Record keeps putting on its platform give a guarantee of innovative services to any clinic that uses it. The makers behind this software are consistently putting out new features and other tools to their software to keep up with the demand of the aesthetics industry – and it’s this innovation that can firmly place it at the forefront of operations improvement for any growing aesthetic practice.

The Points That Could Use Improvement

While it’s an impressive EMR system that can solve the majority of the concerns that an aesthetic practice has with its operations, two particular glaring faults can limit its efficacy – or in some cases, render the platform completely unusable for your practice. These faults don’t always crop up with every clinic that’s used this software, but they have been particular points of concern that could prove a deal-breaker if you’re looking to use this system for your clinic.

The first consideration with using Aesthetic Record also has to do with one of its strongest points. As a comprehensive EMR solution, it aims to centralize all of your operational concerns in one accessible platform – but this strategy will only work if the initial integration of the platform to your operations goes smoothly. This means extensive training required to understand how to maximize the capabilities of the platform to your advantage – which can be time, effort, and skills that your staff may not have.

It’s not impossible to still get some benefit out of the platform without this requisite skill set, but the interconnected nature of the features in the platform means that you’ll be missing out on what makes Aesthetic Record so easy to manage. As a complete package for managing all parts of your aesthetic practice, your staff will need extensive time and effort to update the core data needed for the platform to run correctly – which can be difficult if they don’t fully understand the training guides on the site itself.

The next consideration is the updates and features that Aesthetic Record adds to its platform. While some of these are the much-needed quality of life improvements that aim to make operating the platform easier, it can easily be overwhelming to the average person, even more so for a beginner user of the software. In addition, even long-time users may get the impression that Aesthetic Record can feel incomplete with all the features that the developers are adding – and missing out on the context of a key update can ruin how they use the software completely.

Fortunately, Aesthetic Record packs updates in an easy-to-integrate update package on their platform, so users or administrators won’t need to bend over backward to ensure that their version of the platform is up to date and working properly. There is a dedicated support team that can answer any questions you may have about operating the software and other concerns, though getting a hold of a live representative can be difficult without setting an appointment in advance. This can be a potential bottleneck if the system crashes, meaning that your clinic will also have extended downtime until you get support for your software.

Overall, Aesthetic Record can be an excellent asset in helping a practice streamline its operations, but the lack of a streamlined approach to integrating their platform with your operations can be a big concern if you don’t have technical-minded staff to use the software.

The Alternative: Calysta EMR

If for some reason that your practice can't afford the Aesthetic Record pricing - or want a digital patient chart that's designed for aesthetic practices by aesthetic practitioners, Calysta's EMR solutions may just be the platform that you're looking for. A cloud-based EMR platform that can improve on anything from customer support to your practice's marketing campaigns, our award-winning software can put you on the road to becoming the fastest growing aesthetics practice in your area.

With the capability of multiple device access, we give your practice a powerful patient portal that your clients access from the comfort of their iPad, iPhone, laptop, or PC. Our platform is fully HIPAA compliant with the requirement of keeping sensitive content hidden and secure questionnaires for consent forms - blending in aesthetics and functionality in a fully overarching system that can easily integrate with your clinic's services.

We also offer extensive customer support with the integration and operation of our EMR system with your clinic's usual services. From social media integration to set up automatic backups, our dedicated support team can help keep your platform running throughout the different changes that your clinic will experience.

Improve Customer Service And Client Management With Medical Spa Software

In the ever-interconnected world of patient management, EMR solutions like Aesthetic Record present an ideal way to keep a patient's medical record secure, make scheduling easier, and overall improve practice management. Just keep in mind the exact features that your clinic or practice is looking for from such a system - a patient portal is only as effective as the practice that's managing it.

With years of experience in safeguarding patient records for the aesthetic industry, Calysta EMR specializes in providing a fully digital platform for patient and client management. You can use our app from any device to manage almost any part of practice management, at a fraction of the price compared to other EMR solutions. For more information about our services and what we can provide, contact us today.

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