Best Aesthetic EMR for Injector: How To Choose an EMR For Your Aesthetic Clinic

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Choosing the right EMR tool can be difficult, especially with so many options on the market. As an injector or medical spa, how do you know which EMR to go for; and how do you even know what to look for when choosing the right EMR? Understanding the value and purpose of EMRs, as well as their potential in improving the efficiency of your clinic, is essential when choosing your perfect aesthetic EMR.

So what should you remember when choosing the best aesthetic EMR as an injector or medical spa? Remember what you need from an EMR: safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant servers; features to make communication and accessibility with your patients easy, such as teleconferencing, easy note taking, booking and scheduling, premade templates, and more; and other features specifically designed with aesthetic clinics and injectors in mind.

Why Are EMRs Necessary?

More and more healthcare practices and organizations are implementing EMRs or electronic medical records into their systems, and there are a number of advantages they can expect from thorough EMR system implementation.  Some of the benefits of electronic medical records include:

  • Providing complete, updated, and accurate details about patients and clients
  • Sharing information electronically with patients and other providers in a safe and secure manner
  • Allowing for more reliable and safer prescribing of any medication or procedure
  • Simpler and more streamlined billing and coding with legible and complete document with every patient and client
  • Quick and easy access to any aesthetic record or medical record, leading to more efficient and successful care
  • Improving communication between providers and patients, making the situation more convenient for every party involved
  • Increasing security and privacy of the patient’s data
  • Improving work-life balance and productivity for healthcare providers and their staff
  • Allowing providers to expand and grow their business, as EMRs reduce the number and time of labor-intensive tasks
  • Reducing overhead costs, as EMRs allow for less paperwork, less human error, greater safety, and improved overall efficiency

Providers who still haven’t made the switch to EMRs find themselves losing out on efficiency and functionality that other providers now have. Patients are also now expecting EMRs with clinics and healthcare providers, and prefer to work with providers who offer EMR compatibility.

What Do Injectors Need from an Aesthetic EMR?

While it’s crucial for a clinic to be equipped with an EMR tool these days, it’s important to remember that there are several options to choose from, and whichever EMR you choose will determine the functions and features available to your practice and staff. 

Specifically, injectors should be looking for an aesthetic EMR that provides the exact functionality they need for their services and patients. But what should an injector or other aesthetic healthcare provider consider when choosing their preferred aesthetic EMR? Here are some vital features that would make the overall running of your clinic much smoother:

  • Safe and Secure Data, With Automatic Backups: Keeping your patients’ data safe and secure is more important than ever before, as hackers aim for the lucrative medical patient records available in healthcare organization databases on a daily basis. Your chosen EMR should be updated with the latest firewalls and security features, while also providing automatic backups to avoid the possibility of corrupted or lost data, or being held at ransom with a ransomware attack.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Compliance with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is always something to think about when making any important choice for your aesthetic practice. When choosing your aesthetic EMR, see if they are HIPAA compliant in all the relevant ways, such as HIPAA compliant data servers to ensure maximum safety and security.
  • Built-In Teleconferencing: One nifty feature that the most popular aesthetic EMR tools offer these days is built-in teleconferencing. With the right aesthetic EMR, you should be able to teleconference with your patients through Zoom or other platforms. Calysta EMR offers Pro level Zoom teleconferencing integrated in the platform, while also allowing for split screen note taking for the aesthetic injector.
  • Easy Scheduling and Booking: Book and schedule your patients easier than ever before, with an aesthetic EMR feature built with seamless scheduling in mind. Never miss an appointment or be unaware of sudden changes and updates to the schedule, with coordinated schedules across multiple providers for your clinic.
  • Custom Aesthetic Note Templates: A medical spa software tool like an aesthetic EMR should come with custom and premade aesthetic note templates built specifically for aesthetic services and every treatment in mind. Catalyst EMR offers custom encounter templates best fit for injectors, with neuromodulators, cosmetic injectables, cosmetic surgery, fillers, and other nurse injector or practitioner and medical spa services pre-made to save time with recording and documenting.

Calysta EMR: The Ultimate Aesthetic EMR Solution for Injectors and Other Medical Aesthetics Providers

Calysta EMR is the latest EMR focused specifically for aesthetic service providers on the market, giving injectors all the features they need at an amazing price. With Cloud EMR, secure HIPAA compliant data storage, a focus on all aesthetic service needs, and completely customizable, Calysta EMR is the all-in-one solution your aesthetic clinic truly needs to grow like never before.

What makes Calysta EMR different -- aside from all the necessary features and affordable pricing -- is that it was built and maintained by veterans in the aesthetic healthcare industry. Dr. Hardik Soni has treated countless patients over the years in various non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including Botox, CoolSculpting, dermal filler and injectable choices, and so much more.

Dr. Soni developed Calysta EMR to create the best aesthetic patient EMR for all injectors and any aesthetic provider like med spa businesses and aesthetic professionals. Calysta EMR fits aesthetic clinics like a glove, meeting all their needs with ease and simplicity, while also offering so much more. Calysta EMR gives you the best aesthetica medical practice management possible to maximize your patient care, providing the best laser hair removal, facial rejuvenation, plastic surgery, and other aesthetic treatments.

Claim a free trial of Calysta EMR for your clinic today by contacting us on our website now!

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