Aesthetic Record vs Aesthetic Pro: Which EMR Solution Is More Worth It?

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Any medical spa owner knows just how rigorous it could be to run an aesthetic practice. Along with ensuring successful treatments for each client, there’s pressure to securely manage customer information, keep track of billing, monitor patient scheduling and appointment management, and staff management. This is where an EMR system like Aesthetic Record and AestheticsPro comes into the picture.  

So what features are Aesthetic Record and AestheticsPro best known for? They offer a slew of attractive features such as advanced reporting and business insights for better business management, electronic medical records for patient data, online booking and smart scheduling, and customer relationship tool and client management. They are both effective EMR solutions but you have to consider your practice’s needs when choosing the right software. 

Aesthetic Record Or Aesthetic Pro: A Quick Look At Their Features  

One of the main purposes of an EHR/EMR system is to help aesthetic providers and physicians to streamline their daily operations and become more efficient in treating patients. An EMR also improves staff productivity since it simplifies internal processes and makes everything accessible in one convenient platform. 

When it comes to EMR for an aesthetic clinic, there are two choices that come to mind and these are Aesthetic Record and AestheticsPro. Both software is specially designed for multiple providers and medical spa businesses. Here’s what makes these EMR systems stand out:

1. Aesthetic Record: An all-in-one solution for cosmetic providers 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive EMR that has benefits for both your employees and patients, Aesthetic Record may be the medspa software that you need. It is an all-in-one, cloud software that offers tools and solutions to elevate customer experience and client management. 

Aesthetic Record offers a fully digital patient portal where your providers and practitioners can access their client’s information and other important data needed for pre-treatment such as medical questionnaires and booking notes. It allows users to upload e-prescription notes and share before and after patient photos for convenient procedure tracking. This portal can also be accessed by the clients to connect with their doctor for telehealth consultations and real-time chat and view their post-treatment instructions. 

This software comes with a smart scheduling capability which is a great feature that helps your staff to manage daily appointments and minimizes double booking and visits at random inconvenient times. 

It also provides business users and managers with advanced reporting functions to easily assess day-to-day operations and business insights, analyze sales reports, perform employee management, and monitor inventory management and inventory control. It also It also eliminates the need for manual card entries since it offers online customizable templates and forms for easy documentation. 

2. AestheticsPro Online: A simple and user-friendly system for any practice

AestheticsPro Online is another cloud-based EMR software that offers all the essentials you need to run and grow your aesthetic medicine practice. While not as comprehensive as Aesthetic Record, this system still provides all the solutions that your aesthetic clinic is looking for in an EMR software. 

For one, AestheticsPro provides easy integration to your medspa practice so you can immediately enjoy its features. It comes with an online database to organize all treatment record and patient records, online booking and appointment schedule, and billing payments. It streamlines your workflow by minimizing the need for manual card entry purchases since everything can be inputted on the digital platform. 

It also offers marketing suite solutions and tools which let you oversee your business’s performance, review marketing campaigns such as email marketing, and manage feedback and user reviews from happy customers. With these built-in marketing features, you can make more informed business decisions to increase your customer satisfaction and quality of service. 

How Is One Better Than The Other And Which Should You Actually Choose? 

In terms of accessibility to patients and your providers, Aesthetic Record has the edge over AestheticsPro Online. Aesthetic Record is more capable for mobile use and access since it has an app that is downloadable by your physicians to their devices. Moreover, Aesthetic Record is a much more comprehensive platform so it’s better suited for bigger practices that are looking to streamline their processes and organize their files and paper records. 

AestheticsPro is a better fit for small businesses and it does not require that much staff training so it’s easy to integrate the system into your operations. There’s more room for UX improvements for this particular software especially since it lacks support for web and mobile services. This can pose a challenge for your customers who prefer to do their transactions and book appointments online. 

When it comes to software pricing, Aesthetic Record starts at $211 per month while AestheticsPro is cheaper and is available at $109 per month without any hidden set-up fees. You should consider your budget and assess your practice’s current needs to find which medical records software will be the best for you.  

Here’s An Alternative For Your EMR Needs: Calysta EMR Solutions 

Calysta is a complete EMR solution that comes with advanced technology and innovative features at a cost-effective price compared to other EMRs in the market. Our platform is designed to serve aesthetic clinics and packs all the best features you are looking to have in an EMR system. 

Our software is cloud-based so your patients and providers can access their portals and dashboard anytime and anywhere from any device. Our online servers and data storage also strictly follow HIPAA compliance to ensure that all essential medical records, patient charts, and consent forms are secure. 

We also provide flexible online patient booking and touchless payment solutions for a contactless client experience. We also understand how important communication is to improve patient interactions which are why we also offer convenient Zoom conferencing for virtual consultations and text messaging to send customer appointment reminders to your patients. 

Improve Your Overall Patient Care And Customer Service With Calysta EMR 

Lead your clinic to the path to growth with an intuitive EMR solution like Calysta EMR. With an all-in-one software, you can focus more on providing quality aesthetic treatment and customer experience to become one of the best practices in your community. 

We’re always looking to evolve our services and technology so you can get the most out of our platform. We also offer an extensive customer support staff to help you maximize our features for the success of your business. Call us today for a free two-week trial and discover how we can help take your practice to the next level.

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