Appointment Booking Software Comparisons: Vagaro vs. Styleseat

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More service-based businesses are beginning to see the advantages of appointment booking. Thanks to technological advancements, gone are the days where most customers were walk-ins and had to wait a long time to be serviced. Many appointment-based businesses have now implemented various SaaS software into their operations, making appointment booking much easier and more efficient for both business professionals and customers.

For the beauty and wellness industry, two software programs stand as popular choices: Vagaro vs. Styleseat -- but which one is the better option? Both offer a web-based solution through appointment scheduling, though either app offers other unique features. Here’s what you should know between the two when choosing which software your business can best benefit from.

Vagaro vs. Styleseat

Vagaro is a scheduling and management software catered towards businesses in the beauty, fitness, and wellness industries. Businesses like salons, barbers, spas, fitness instructors, and other establishments can manage both their business operations and customer appointment and scheduling under one program.

StyleSeat is an online destination where businesses and beauty, health, and wellness professionals can advertise their beauty services and arrange bookings. Customers can use the salon software to browse services and their providers. Once they’ve found a professional or business they like, they can book their appointment through the app.

Comparing Vagaro vs. Styleseat

PricingStarts at $25 per monthFree 1-month trialNo credit card requiredFree account availableStarts at $35 per monthFree 1-month trialNo credit card requiredNo free account available
Features and ServicesHas 153 key features, offering far more than Styleseat does.Can support businesses with multiple locations Has 32 key features. Its unique list of features that Vagaro does not have include:Customer SegmentationEmployee PortalRecurring TasksUser Profiles
Customer SizeBest for:FreelancersSmall businessesMid size businessesLarge businessesBest for:FreelancersSmall businessesMid size businesses
CompatibilityCompatible with:PC/MaciPhone AppAndroid AppCompatible with:PC/MaciPhone AppAndroid App
Customer ServiceOffers free customer support and sales assistance through phone, chat, email, online support, and videos.Offers email customer service

Which One Should You Choose?

Choose Vagaro If...Chose Styleseat If...
You want an all-in-one app for your business operations. Vagaro has most (if not all) the features needed to run your business. Aside from appointment scheduling and customer management, you can also manage billings, employee time-in/time-out, website building, and more.

You are a large business with multiple locations. Vagaro streamlines your processes, making it possible to manage operations and client bookings for all your branches.

You’re more focused on schedule management than brand exposure. Vagaro is not a marketplace of businesses the way Styleseat is, so customers that book on the app are already interested in booking you, not browsing for options. This is ideal if you already have a large following and have plenty of loyal customers.
You want a salon software that offers additional exposure to users searching for businesses like yours. Styleseat can serve as a beauty appointment booking platform that can provide your business with exposure and advertising before a user can book an appointment. Typical customers on the app browse businesses offering a service of their choice before choosing which business to book. The app also features user reviews to attract users to book appointments.  

You want to narrow features down to the ones that matter most to your business. Having over a hundred features can be useful, but for smaller business with fewer services, not all of these are necessary. Styleseat has less features than Vagaro, but these are the ones beauty professionals will really need to focus on attracting and booking appointments.

You want Instagram users to book more efficiently. A huge chunk of your potential online customers can be found on Instagram. Styleseat can create a quick online booking system on Instagram for potential customers to easily book an appointment with beauty, health, and wellness professionals.

Benefits of Operating with Scheduling Software

Rather than taking clients exclusively on a walk-in basis or using paper records to schedule appointments, salon software like Vagaro and Styleseat offer these additional advantages.

  • Fewer errors compared to paper records. Scheduling software automatically blocks off unavailable times, preventing appointment bookings during unavailable times. This can reduce double-booking or overbooking, which can disrupt operations and cause customer dissatisfaction if your business cannot accommodate accidental bookings.  
  • Appointment reminders and establish cancellation policies. Your business wastes time and potential revenue when your clients are no-shows for their appointments. Scheduling software reminds customers ahead of time by sending email reminders to their provided email address or texts regarding their appointments so they’re less likely to forget. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction. With technological advances improving the way businesses operate, more customers are expecting smooth, seamless, and convenient transactions. Efficient scheduling software can improve their customer experience. And when customers are happy, they’re more likely to become repeat customers, provide positive customer feedback that can attract other users online, and recommend your business to their network.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Scheduling Software for Your Business

Vagaro and Styleseat have their own advantages to businesses and professionals in the beauty, health, and wellness industries. Both apps come with their own advantages and disadvantages, so try to weigh out what it is your business really needs and which app is more likely to address these needs for less.

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