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Patient consent is a legal and ethical concern that any medspa or aesthetic practice needs to address before beginning any of their treatments. By transferring patient consent forms to the digital space, Calysta helps you inform your patients about their treatments and makes it possible to administer the best care for their concerns.

  • Prevent patients from losing copies of their consent forms by keeping them on your cloud servers.
  • Simply the process of getting patient consent by integrating forms with your portal.
  • Inform your patients about the details of the treatments directly from their mobile devices.
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How Calysta Helps You Secure Patient Consent Online

Online patient consent forms help solve a lot of the common complaints patients and providers have with paper forms: space, security, and access. Calysta’s platform integrates digital consent forms specifically for aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures, allowing it to serve as an easy yet effective solution to obtaining patient consent.

Up-To-Date Information On Forms

Digital consent forms don’t necessarily need to follow a standard: and as a result, the information written on your forms or what the patient fills in may not stay the same forever. Calysta helps close the gap between these situations by updating any changes in your consent forms in real time.

Accessible On A Variety Of Devices

Patients no longer need to rely on physically showing up to your medspa or clinic to fill out consent forms – and neither do they need to be on a PC to access them digitally. Calysta’s patient portal is designed to be accessible and responsive on a variety of mobile devices, allowing your patients to access, fill out, and submit their consent forms anywhere they may be.

Comprehensive Overview Of Patient Details

Calysta’s digital consent forms have all the information you may need about your clients and their treatments at a glance. This simplified overview not only makes information easier to understand for your patients, but also makes it easier for your staff to keep a smooth workflow when consulting a patient’s data.

Calysta: Digital Consent Forms For Today’s EMR Platforms

Moving patient consent forms digitally just makes the process of getting to the treatment itself easier, and drastically simplifies things for your clients. With digital consent forms, you can focus on the things that matter the most to your business: your patients.

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