HIPAA Compliance

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As a practice management tool, Calysta is fully committed to keeping your patient’s data safe and accessible – which is why the platform is designed to be fully HIPAA compliant. Not only does this allow you to continue your operations without worrying about any legal ramifications, but it also keeps your data secure.

  • Access control for your practice following the minimum necessary standard.
  • Security protocols like unique user identifications for system access.
  • Cloud-based secure server infrastructure.
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How Calysta Promotes HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance isn’t always guaranteed if you use an EMR platform, which is why we’ve designed Calysta to implement as many safeguards as possible for your patient’s data. While HIPAA compliance can’t be answered by a single platform alone, Calysta does lighten the load in keeping track of your patient’s health information.

Secure And Protected Cloud Servers

Calysta runs on a cloud platform that’s protected by enhanced security, ensuring that your patient health information is safe inside your network. Not only does this prevent your patient data from being accessed by unauthorized users, but it also protects your own information.

In-built Compliance Measures With All Our Features

From patient forms to communications, Calysta has safeguards in place to make sure that the platform makes you compliant with HIPAA regulations without having to manually keep tabs on what you need to protect. This helps you focus on other areas of HIPAA compliance that may not be covered by Calysta’s features.

Evolving Security Features

As cyberattacks become more apparent in the healthcare sector, Calysta also adopts the same security features for aesthetic practices and medspa with our platform. Our team is constantly on the lookout for the latest threats to your online data and implements changes and improvements based on the latest security trends and user feedback.

Calysta: Compliance And Security In One Platform

HIPAA compliance is a necessity for any aesthetic practice, and a tool like Calysta is one of the best ways to automate many of the processes that would often be a bottleneck with your operations. By safeguarding the data of your business and your clients, you have the confidence to conduct your treatments without worrying about any breaches in compliance or security concerns.

Calysta EMR:
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If you’re looking for a platform that can change according to the needs of your practice, address the specific practice management issues that affect aesthetic providers, and engage in a community that cares how you grow, try Calysta today.

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