What Are Cheap EMR Systems For Aesthetic Spas and Medical Practices?

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Many hospitals, healthcare providers, and medspa owners know how stressful it can be to juggle daily administrative tasks along with accommodating clients and patients. From keeping track of booking appointments, processing billing tasks and payments, ensuring employee productivity, and handling customer feedback, it can be quite daunting to run a business without an efficient EMR system or medical spa software. 

So what are the best affordable EMR softwares that medical practices and aesthetic clinics can use? Some of the best med spa management and EMR platforms available today are Calysta EMR, Aesthetic Record, AestheticsPro, Vagaro, DrChrono, Practice Fusion, and Kareo. They have some of the best-in-industry features such as automatic alerts and appointment reminders, seamless online booking, digital customer forms, and robust security and privacy measures. 

Key Features Your EMR System Should Have  

Whether you’re a small aesthetic spa practice or an independent healthcare office, investing in a smart EMR/EHR software system for med spa management and client engagement is the best decision you can make. But before you purchase a software, you first need to assess your clinic’s needs and research on the best program that has all the features you’re looking for. Here are some of the key functions that your medical software should have: 

1. Auto-alerts and appointment reminders 

On a busy day, your physicians and office staff can easily get swamped with multiple appointments and it can be difficult to track and manage them. Having an EMR solution with an automatic reminder for bookings is ideal to ensure that your doctors and patients will not miss a schedule. 

Many electronic med spas and health systems have the technology to sync calendar dates and connect it with your direct messaging so you can maintain electronic communication with patients and notify them of future appointments. 

2. Convenient booking and scheduling platform 

Your doctors don’t have to worry about keeping physical calendars and booking notes on their desk when your med spa software has a detailed scheduling interface. Nowadays, online booking is key to increasing and managing your client base as it lets patients easily book their treatment sessions remotely and hassle-free. 

It also allows your physicians and staff to effortlessly organize their day-to-day schedule and keep track of any upcoming appointments. Having a digital scheduling platform greatly improves the level of service and care quality that your doctors are giving to the patients. 

3. Online forms and note templates 

With readily-available and customizable templates for prescription notes, consent forms, and waivers, your doctors will save time from manually filing documentation and writing up patient records, files, and notes. These forms are securely stored together with other digital records and important patient medical information. 

4. User-friendly patient portal  

Patient portals allow your clients and users to view any pre-appointment and post-treatment notes and instructions, check their pending bookings, and manage their payment and billing information. It also allows them to update their information and health data so your doctors will stay updated on their medical and treatment history. In addition, patients can send any treatment inquiries or procedure concerns to their practitioners using the portal. 

5. Information security and data privacy

One of the biggest function advantages of an EMR solution is the protection it provides for your patient’s data. Manually recording information through paper records and paper files can be a hassle and it poses high risks for data tampering, loss, or theft. 

Most electronic health record and med spa softwares today come with built-in robust security features and encryption tools. This helps safeguard all patient information against potential cybersecurity risks, data breaches, and unauthorized access. Likewise, cloud-based EMR servers make it possible to store data backups in case of emergencies. These networks are mostly HIPAA-compliant to ensure your team and patients are getting the highest level of security. 

Best Picks for Cheap EMR Systems To Use

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Finding the right med spa and electronic medical record software is critical for the improvements in your health care service and management. The good thing is that there are various  healthcare IT vendors that offer affordable programs with some of the best-in-industry features. Here are some of the best medical spa and healthcare management systems: 

1. Calysta EMR 

Cost: $49/month (single user) or $99/month (unlimited users)  

Calysta EMR is a fully-digital aesthetic-focused platform created by aestheticians, dermatologists, and cosmetic medicine experts for aesthetic and medical spa practices. It’s a cloud-based EMR system that offers an all-in-one management solution to improve your internal workflow process and assure that you give best patient care and excellent customer service. 

Its systems are designed with better functionality and ease of use to streamline communication and minimize errors within the staff. It also features HIPAA-compliant servers to guarantee patient confidentiality and safety of sensitive data and information. 

Its other features include Zoom conferencing for convenient telemedicine, automatic backups, practice scheduling, pre-made aesthetic note templates, text messaging with patients, and online payment integration. 

2. Aesthetic Record 

Cost: $211.00 per month 

Aesthetic Record provides a seamless medical spa experience for patients and practitioners with its high-tech features. It utilizes a medical photography feature where aesthetic providers can capture and share a patient’s before and after pictures to monitor treatment progress. 

Like most electronic medical software systems, Aesthetic Record is a cloud-based EHR software which offers better organizational and operations management within your clinic. It features simplified online booking, smart scheduling, and virtual one-on-one consultations and telemedicine appointments. This platform also lets you monitor inventory and supplies, track employee performance, and review overall business performance for your practice’s management. 

3. Aesthetics Pro 

Cost: $109.99 per month 

AestheticsPro is another med spa management software program that is powered by the cloud. It offers a suite of integrated practice management tools and secure online storage capabilities where your aesthetic team can store and manage important electronic medical records and charts per patient. 

This EMR solution is one of the most basic softwares out in the market with a simple interface for both clients and the members of your staff. AestheticsPro aims to level up the med spa experience with detailed scheduling interface, integrated calendar system, efficient billing process and POS solutions, and electronic payments. It also offers smart reporting tools and an accounting suite to track daily transactions and review real-time sales information. 

4. Vagaro 

Cost: $25 per month (single user) 

Vagaro is one of the best EMR solutions that is ideal for small aesthetic practices, wellness centers, and salons. It has a relatively cheap starting price, beginning at $25 per month, but it already carries some useful features that a med spa software should have. It’s a great EMR investment especially for medical spas and health care facilities who are newcomers in the market. 

This is a smart web-based and app-based solution that elevates your patients’ aesthetic experience. With a simple interface, well-organized booking and scheduling platform, and client portal, med spas and business owners don't have to worry about training their staff about the platform and focus on treating more patients. 

It also offers a secure client database where health care providers can view important patient notes and electronic medical records that can contain their allergies and treatment history. 

5. DrChrono  

Cost: Starts at $199 per license, pricing will vary depending on the selected plan  

DrChrono is a comprehensive electronic health system that helps streamline any important administrative and operational task so your staff can focus on providing accurate and quality patient treatments. Aside from online web accessibility, DrChrono is one of the select EMRs that is readily available on multiple platforms including iPhone and iPad devices. 

DrChrono offers configurable EHR/EMR software plans so its total cost will greatly differ depending on the plan that your practice chooses. 

Some of the med spa management functions that it offers are customizable templates and customer forms, online booking and scheduling, email and text  message reminders, and an intuitive patient portal and client dashboard where a physician can access lab tests and other important medical records. It also provides automated medical billing software features so you can collect payments faster and drive sales and revenue growth. 

6. Practice Fusion 

Cost: Starts at $99.00/month 

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based electronic health records software that is in use in many hospitals and independent clinical practices. It provides an all-in-one platform where all essential data and treatment care plans can be stored and accessed by medical professionals and patients. 

One of the selling points of Practice Fusion is that it allows auto imports of patient data and health information which saves time for manual entry in the electronic system. It also provides customizable chart notes, electronic prescriptions, and flexible payment options. 

Practice Fusion also promotes better communication among providers in other practices, enabling access and electronic sharing of relevant medical information and charts for improved continuity of care and care coordination. 

7. Kareo Clinical EHR

Cost: $125 

Powered and fully-integrated by the cloud, Kareo Clinical EHR is an all-inclusive electronic record software that offers a wide range of valuable features including a comprehensive and customizable dashboard system, intuitive medical charting, electronic prescribing, and easily accessible patient portal. 

Kareo also streamlines communication within the practice since it offers secure messaging tools where providers can send a message to anyone in the team, helping boost efficiency and overall productivity. Adopting this EMR in your practice is time-saving since it requires only minimal staff training with its simple and easy to understand interface. 

How You Can Benefit From EMR Systems 

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The medical care and aesthetic spa community has come a long way with the increasing popularity of electronic medical records. Here are some of key benefits of healthcare IT platforms and electronic medical record systems: 

  • It minimizes errors in documentation of important patient data and medical information and securely stores them in the digital storage space. 
  • Any updates to a patient’s chart or records can be modified in real-time, allowing for a physician to come up with more accurate diagnosis. 
  • It allows for easier storage and ordering of doctor’s notes, medications, and lab work which can reduce the risk of getting duplicate tests. 
  • It can help avoid any breakdown in communication by sending text alerts and email notifications about scheduled bookings and treatment sessions.  
  • It helps physicians provide value-based care and make clinical decisions supported by accurate information and clinical records. 
  • It has strong security measures and allows medical and aesthetic service providers to limit who has access to health records. 

Streamline Your Practice’s Process with Calysta EMR

Electronic medical record systems are changing the face of the health care and aesthetic community, with its fast adoption in private practice clinics, medical spa, and salons. Calysta EMR is one of the reliable healthcare IT vendors for quality EMR solutions and management tools to address your patient care needs. 

We are committed to developing innovative aesthetic and medical solutions that can help any healthcare and cosmetic provider to improve their services. Contact us today and avail of our free trial to discover how you can benefit from our EMR platforms.

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