Aesthetic Pro Review: A MedSpa Software Worth The Price?

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For any medspa, an EMR system should be more than a way to transition to paperless oversight of patient management and clinic operations: it should be software that can help make anything from staff member management to appointment scheduling easier. And while the majority of EMR software can do all this and more, the question (especially for smaller practices) boils down to this: is the feature that you'll be getting from this software worth it?

Aesthetic Pro is an EMR software that aims to make appointments, payrolls, and other operations easier - but is it worth it for your practice? As a basic tool to coordinate routine tasks like setting up a Botox procedure, it performs well: but if you're looking for a more comprehensive platform with ios and other mobile device integration, it may not be the best choice.

Aesthetic Pro Review

Marketed as a simple EMR solution for aesthetic practices, Aesthetic Pro packs all the essentials needed to help your daily operations run well. While not as technically complex as other medspa software that bigger clinics use, it contains all the basics required to familiarize yourself with the world of medical spa software.

The Strong Points

The best point of using Aesthetic Pro is how well-supported the platform is, both by their customer support and how the software itself can help improve the existing operations of any aesthetic clinic. Since this feature is really all that a medspa needs for operations, it's a great way to understand how medspa software works and how it can be integrated into your business.

These features aren’t difficult to figure out on your own, but in case you run into any specific technical issues with the use of your software, the customer support team of Aesthetic Pro is always available to guide you through the process. They offer excellent advice and support especially regarding clarifying the training videos on the Aesthetic Pro website, which can be a huge help for any staff that may lack the technical background to operate EMR software.

The Points That Need Improvement

There are two considerations that your practice should keep in mind when using Aesthetic Pro: the overall basic features offered by the platform, and the lack of deployment on mobile devices.

Given other EMR software like Aesthetic Record, the features that Aesthetic Pro offers can feel substandard in comparison. Since it’s marketed as a basic EMR system, it’s an excellent fit for smaller practices that want a paperless solution to their patient management and staff member organization, but it lacks the infrastructure needed to sustain growing practices.

But by far the biggest missing feature from Aesthetic Pro is the lack of access or support for mobile devices. This can be an issue since the majority of clients prefer to make appointments or access their patient data online through their phones, and the lack of a mobile-friendly patient portal can potentially close off your practice to a younger audience.

Overall, Aesthetic Pro works well as a basic tool to help an aesthetic practice with its operations, but it’s unable to scale and grow to accommodate new services and needs from an aesthetic practice.

The Alternative: Calysta EMR

Given the ubiquity of mobile devices today, having an EMR system that can be accessed via phone is a necessity that any aesthetic practice should integrate with its operations. Calysta EMR's platform takes this need and makes it a cornerstone of your operations, allowing you and your patients to set up entire appointments, oversee schedules, and conduct business from the comfort of their home screen.

As a cloud-based EMR software, our platform is accessible to anyone with a working internet connection and a compatible device - without sacrificing either speed or security. Designed specifically for aesthetic clinics by looking at what areas aesthetic practices need patient data and clinic operations sorted and organized, it's a comprehensive solution that can vastly simplify your clinic's operations.

Using A Comprehensive Client Portal That Can Integrate Calendar Management On Any Mobile Device

Aesthetic Pro has many promising features that can make it the ideal patient portal for any medical aesthetic practice, but these features can seem a little unjustified considering the price of the software. For any medical professional looking to make the initial consultation of their patient easier, the lack of a feature that can integrate easily with social media posting can severely limit the capability of their marketing suite.

Calysta EMR can help your practice with everything from staff scheduling to keeping track of patient appointments, providing you with a comprehensive online and mobile app that makes both medical records and staff management easier. We specialize in providing high-quality and innovative solutions to wellness centers, weight loss clinics, and other sites for an aesthetic treatment, improving client management without the high prices associated with other EMR solutions. For more information about our platform and the services we provide, schedule a consultation with us today.

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