What Is a Superbill In Medical Billing?

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Flexibility in medical billing and payment options is one of the things that patients are looking for in aesthetic clinics or from healthcare providers. It not only empowers your client to avail of the services they need when they need it but also it allows you, as a provider, to collect payments easily and quickly. In cases when a customer asks for their health insurance plan to cover their treatment, you will most likely need to provide a superbill.

So what exactly is a superbill? A medical superbill is essentially an official invoice that shows details of the services or treatments that clients received. It is provided when a customer wants to claim full reimbursement of their expenses from their insurance company. For any medspa or health care provider, it is important that they can provide electronic superbills to help clients create an insurance claim, improve revenue cycle, and keep track of their patients’ details. 

Understanding A Superbill And Why It Is Used In Medical Practices  

In any medical or cosmetic private practice, generating payments and billing is important to keep the business alive and running. There’s no way a company can get income or cash flow without having a proper medical billing process in place. Now before billing, you first have to create an invoice that lists the products or services that you will charge the client. 

A superbill is generally a type of medical invoice given by a healthcare provider to their clients. But instead of the normal invoice addressed to the patients themselves, superbills are provided by a medical billing company to help clients get reimbursements from their insurance providers. 

While you can still charge clients for payment and other out-of-pocket expenses, they may want to bill their insurance company. The superbill will serve as their insurance payer’s reference to their transaction with your clinic. It’s important that the superbill contains complete details about the medical services or aesthetic treatments they received to help review and process the patient’s claims.  

3 Benefits Of Creating A Superbill For Your Practice And Patients 

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An electronic superbill is not just beneficial for your patients who want to get the most out of their insurance plan. As a medical provider, having an EHR/EMR system that lets you produce a superbill is helpful in streamlining medical billings and patient payments. Here are other benefits of electronic superbill in any medical billing service: 

1. Fast tracks your patients’ claim to their insurance coverage and benefits  

The information included in a superbill helps an insurance provider or medical billing company to process and assess claims and reimbursements more quickly. Naturally, it is important that the superbill form is filled out completely and contains all details about the patient visit such as provider contact information, diagnosis code, and CPT code to reduce chances of claim denial. 

Medical practitioners can either choose to write up a superbill for clients to give to their insurance companies or they can send the invoice directly to the insurer. Either way, a superbill assures customers their medical service and treatments are paid and covered by their insurance provider. 

2. Reduces medical staff’s errors in payments and billing 

Another benefit of superbill is that it makes your clinic’s billing operations and financial reporting processes more streamlined. There’s no question that paper invoices and manual billings can take a lot of time and manpower. There’s also a possibility of making billing and coding errors which can affect your payment collection and business revenue. 

With medical billing software, you can create electronic superbills by simply editing a pre-made superbill template. You only need to type important patient information and medical details for fewer errors. In addition, generating an electronic superbill can help you collect payments quickly. 

3. Helps keep track of patient’s billing record and medical history 

A superbill can also function as an essential medical record or document which helps your staff keep track of a patient history. More than the payment details, a superbill can also contain a summary information of their medical history and their visits which helps in client management when a patient comes back for follow up appointments.  

How To Generate A Medical Superbill 

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A complete superbill is a crucial piece of billing information for any aesthetic or medical practice and health insurance providers. To ensure efficient client reimbursements, here are the important components that should be included in a superbill: 

  • Patient’s basic information - This includes patient’s full name, patient address, patient phone, and date of birth. This is to help verify that they have an active health insurance coverage under the company. 
  • Practice’s contact information - Also included is your practice’s complete name or physician information, clinic’s address, and office contact number. For independent practices, you should also write your employee identification number (EIN) or the 10-digit national provider identifier provided by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 
  • License number - If you’re a board-certified provider, you can include your license number to indicate you are qualified to perform and administer the service provided to the client. 
  • Appointment date and schedule of visit/s - You also have to write the dates that you consulted with a client. For multiple visits or treatment sessions, you have to list the separate days and indicate the purpose for their visit. 
  • Diagnosis codes - An insurance company will most likely look for a medical diagnosis to support the reason for the medical claim. Nowadays, the ICD 10 code is the latest diagnosis code in the list provided by the World Health Organization. 
  • CPT or current procedure terminology code - While a diagnosis code provides the symptoms, a CPT code is a medical coding system that classifies the procedures or treatments performed on a patient. 

Finding The Right Medical Billing Software For Your Billing Processes 

Nowadays, all essential medical records and patient health information are stored and processed digitally. Paper records are long gone and electronic medical records are the staple system in every medical organization and aesthetic practice. 

When looking for an EMR software to equip for your medspa clinic, Calysta EMR can offer all the features that you need and more. As a cloud-based software, Calysta provides an all-in-one solution for client management, seamless patient communication, online appointment scheduling and booking management, and secure HIPAA-compliant forms and servers. 

Calysta EMR also offers flexible payment and contactless point-of-sale options. You can also find ready-made and customizable online patient forms, documentation notes, and billing templates for faster transactions. 

Get The Best Billing Solutions For Your Practice With Calysta EMR

Make your billing processes more efficient with reliable EMR software. With its advanced technology and revolutionary features, Calysta EMR gives you the helping hand you need in managing day-to-day operations and filing billing claims and patient payments. 

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