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A medical spa has many moving parts. From coordinating with aestheticians to making sure the patients are getting exactly what they asked for, one slip up could cause ripple effects in the system. 

Word travels, and if you’re in the aesthetic clinic business, you know that word travels fast. One slip up could spell disasters for your clinic’s reputation. 

Thankfully, there are tools like spa management software that can help medical spas and businesses in the aesthetic industry run their day-to-day operations much more smoothly. 

So how can a spa management system help? When properly integrated, this can reduce mistakes, free up redundant tasks, and improve patient relationships. Managing a med spa business doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, and having spa management software can help with that. 

Common Problems In Medical Spas 

1. Missed Appointments 

If your med spa is a little more established and rotates a couple of aestheticians and team members throughout the week, the problem of missed appointments can be a big headache really quickly. Matching patients with their custom services is difficult enough; coordinating that on a bigger scale involving multiple different aestheticians with specific patients is just one of the most common logistical nightmares in med spa planning. 

2. Double Scheduling 

Double booking is not only inconvenient but also unprofessional. Often resulting from a lack of coordination from the team, scheduling appointments on top of each other can make patients doubt the quality of your service. Simple mistakes like this can easily affect the customer’s perception of your business before they even get to experience the quality of your actual services. 

As a recurring problem, this is especially harmful if your customers choose to voice out their concerns on social media. Now you’re not only losing out on customers you have but also keeping away potential customers who look for a better standard of scheduling when it comes to their med spas. 

3. No Shows 

Patients consistently not showing up can easily cost you money when it becomes a chronic problem. For the most part, missed appointments occur because there isn’t a clear or consistent enough communication between the clinic and the client. At this age, patients expect to be reminded of appointments to keep them faithful and encourage them to actually show up during their bookings. 

If left unsolved, medical spas run the risk of overestimating their earnings which can affect their spend towards consumables. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal at first but overtime and if left overlooked, beliefs of success due to the volume of bookings (not taking into account successful payments) can even affect things like financial predictions for the clinic. 

4. Inconsistency and Lack of Personalization 

In the medical spa industry, personalization isn’t really a luxury, it’s something clients have come to expect. Base expectations including remembering their name, details, and preferences, on top of the extra touches such as being able to customize treatments based on their history with the clinic or matching them with better specialists can drastically improve a patient’s experience with an aesthetic clinic. 

However, a med spa without the ability to distinguish patients from one another may suffer from things like missed appointments to more grave concerns like administering the wrong kind of injectable on the patient. 

What is an EMR: How A Med Spa Software Can Help 

In the healthcare industry, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and physician offices use EMR or electronic medical records software to keep track of patients and make interactions with patients a lot more seamless. 

EMRs or electronic medical health records replace paper charts and records and instead have patient information including their medical history, allergies, payment details, and the like available on cloud storage. 

EMRs are quickly becoming the gold standard of customer interfacing in the healthcare industry. 

The aesthetic and med spa industry have not been quick to adopt this kind of technology, and for good reason. For starters, most EMRs are specifically designed for hospitals and clinics, not med spas. They aren’t built with features that would help aestheticians with the critical concerns they need the most. 

Aesthetic clinics, with its many moving parts, can definitely patch the cracks when it comes to appointment scheduling and improving patient relationships with EMR adoption. Luckily, new technologies go beyond providing aid when it comes to appointment booking, going beyond appointment reminders and integrating much needed features specific to running an aesthetic clinic. 

The Top Benefits Of Implementing Med Spa Management Software 

An EMR is more than just an online booking platform or a scheduling management solution software. More than anything else, it frees up your staff from a lot of redundant activities and ensures that critical operations such as scheduling, staff management, and payment processing don’t fall through the cracks. 

EMRs do more than allow patients to book appointments. When integrated properly this can help a med spa business excel in the majority of its day-to-day operations.

1. Easy Onboarding 

The most efficient kind of organization has the ability to run on its own, without much supervision. With a med spa management system, your staff can upload documentation on the cloud for easy access detailing processes, procedures, and even tutorials. Although this won’t replace in-person training, having documents available on the fly for when aestheticians and team members have to brush up on technique would be incredibly convenient. 

2. Consistency of Service 

Consistency of service isn’t just limited to maintaining a standard quality when interacting with patients. Having a med spa management system allows any member of your team to access patient files and perform services such as injectables or body contouring based on their history with the clinic and their preferences. This allows spas to provide a consistent level of care to their patients regardless of employee schedules. 

3. Improved Scheduling

When equipped with the functions of appointment scheduling software, EMRs can drastically approve the way your med spa operates. Having a digital appointment book makes it easy for both aestheticians and doctors to understand what their schedule looks like. Further integrations with text message or email marketing can allow you to expand your reach and ensure that patients are constantly engaged throughout their experience. 

4. Data on the Cloud 

One of the key benefits of adopting EMR technology is the transition to near paperless transactions. With EMR, your clinic doesn’t have to rely on paper charts and physical documentation to keep track of patients and schedules. 

Having patient information uploaded on the cloud opens up access and allows incredible ease of use. Anyone on the team has access to crucial or relevant information, whenever they need it. 

Meet Calysta EMR: A Robust Spa Management Software 

Calysta EMR is a first-of-its-kind business management software specifically designed for aesthetic clinics, med spas, plastic surgery centers, and even wellness centers. Equipped with features created with medical salons in mind, this helps any med spa owner have peace of mind knowing that their business is running in the smoothest way possible. 

  • Zoom Integration: Telemedicine doesn’t have to be exclusive to physician offices. With Zoom integration, Calysta allows aestheticians to conduct initial consultations and follow-up meetings purely online. This allows clinics to expand their customer base and interact with a wider range of interested patients without the extra trouble of them visiting the clinic. 
  • Customizable Note Templates: Save time on documentation with customizable note forms that aestheticians can use during microneedling, laser procedures, injectables, among other services. These templates can be saved and used by any aesthetician or staff member for streamlined note taking. 
  • Automatic Backups: Calysta is a plug and play option that doesn't require extra work from the team. Automatic backups means your patients’ data and any other information you have uploaded on the system is regularly saved on the servers. 
  • Text Message Integration: Send reminders and announcements to patients in just a couple of clicks. This one-way text messaging feature can reduce no shows and foster stronger relationships with clients. 
  • Digital Consents: With Calysta, your aesthetic clinic has the ability to send digital consents before the patient even sets foot in the clinic. This helps ensure that clinic visits and appointments go by smoother and faster by reducing the amount of paperwork done in the clinic. 
  • Touchless Payments: Offering online payments can keep patients faithful to their bookings. Prepayments are known to reduce no-shows and provide a positive impact on your clinic’s overall schedule. 

Considerations When Adopting Spa and Salon Management Software 

Calysta is more than just an appointment scheduling software. As a business owner, you might be curious to see whether you need a simple client management tool or something more robust like Calysta. 

Here are some things to consider: 

  • How much overhead do you have? EMRs like Calysta can free up redundant tasks. If you have a growing business, you can invest in software to do the majority of the on-the-ground management for you and focus on expanding your medical salon by training aestheticians, offering new services, or investing in the latest machines and products. 
  • Do you require functionalities beyond online booking? Med spa scheduling software is limited to scheduling appointments only. If you’re looking for something more functional, an EMR with payment integrations and teleconferencing functionalities might suit your clinic better. 

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