How To Choose the Best Spa Business Software For Your Med Spa

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Software can make or break your med spa or any business these days, and underestimating the value of the right software can be the worst thing you do for your med spa. But with so many options available and so many different kinds to choose from, how do you even know where to start? It begins with knowing the problems your med spa has, and then finding the software solution that addresses those problems.

So what is the best way to choose the ideal spa business software for your med spa? Figure out exactly what you are looking for from your spa business software, your available budget for the software, and whether or not there is a single solution that addresses all your software needs, such as Calysta EMR. Read on to learn more about Calysta EMR and why this is the recommended business software for med spas.

Common Pitfalls Holding Your Spa Business Back

  • Broken Schedules: All too often, the ideal schedule isn’t met, and time ends up being wasted. With wasted time comes wasted revenue, and maximizing your medical spa service providers’ time is crucial towards getting the most out of your business. Broken schedules can be caused by a number of factors, such as patients forgetting about their appointments, lack of coordination between staff on appointment updates, lack of appointment reminders, and appointments not lasting the right amount of time. Fixing no-shows is one of the best things you can do for your spa business. Schedule appointments efficiently to increase revenue immediately.
  • Double Booking: Double bookings are the easiest way to turn clients away from your business for the rest of their lives. No one who ever gets double booked wants to come back to the same med spa, because they end up feeling like their time isn’t valuable to your business, and their patronage isn’t, either. If customers decide to vent their frustrations online and on social media, this can turn away not only your affected client, but also other potential clients in the area.
  • Inconsistent Quality and Services: People go to the same restaurant multiple times because they know what to expect, and they like what they are served every single time. Many med spas have the problem of providing inconsistent quality, care, and services to their clients. This has to do primarily with a lack of training uniformity between your providers, as well as a lack of internal material to coordinate everyone on staff and get everyone on the same page. Keeping your quality and level of care consistent for all patients every single time is essential towards building their trust and loyalty.
  • Lack of Proper Branding: Your brand is just as important as the services you provide, which is why it is crucial that your branding is accurately reflected on all online channels, from social media to your website. Consistency in your brand image and voice as well as regular updates is important for modern clients looking for hip and modern businesses.

How Spa Business Software Can Help

With so many pitfalls out there, how do you ensure that your med spa stays on course, building and growing effectively and reliably? Med spa business software is exactly what you need to maximize your spa business and minimize human error. Here are just some ways the right med spa business software can help your med spa right away:

  • Day-to-Day Improvements: Depending on the exact features and tools of your spa business software, you can expect plenty of general day-to-day improvements, making things easier on all fronts on a daily basis for both your back office staff and your providers.
  • Reputation Management: Improve the general patient experience and thus the reviews that patients leave behind by increasing your med spa’s efficiency, making every patient happier with every visit. This will increase your med spa’s reputation and marketing naturally, both through online reviews and word of mouth.
  • Easy To Use: Good software is always easy to use. Many med spas are reluctant to adopt new software due to the fear that it might be difficult to integrate or teach to their established staff, but with the right tools, this isn’t the case. 
  • Error Minimization: Doing things manually makes them prone to human error, and no amount of double or triple checking can help staff that is overworked and exhausted. With spa business software, you can minimize your errors and keep records consistent across multiple documents.
  • Greater Organization: Organize like never before with med spa software that promotes efficiency and documentation. With quick accessibility to all your available records, you and your staff will never again have to worry about missing information or data, and can access everything at the click of a button.
  • Improved Client Care: Patients will immediately feel the effect of all the small quality-of-life improvements that med spa small business software can provide. Generally, with less documentation work for both the office staff and the providers, patients can be given the care and attention they require to have the best experience.
  • Quick Onboarding: Spa software makes it easy to hire, train, and onboard new staff, as your standard operating processes can exist mostly on the software, with staff simply trained to use how to understand them.

Types of Med Spa Business Software

So what are the types of med spa business software out there? How can you equip your med spa with software to improve, and in what areas? Here are some of the most common types of med spa business software available on the market:

  1. EHR/EMR Software: Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Record are the most popular types of software used in the healthcare industry, as these are almost complete CRM solutions adjusted specifically for healthcare.
  2. Medical Database Software: Medical database software provides clinics with an easy way to store treatment plans and medical histories of patients and clients.
  3. Diagnosis and Research Software: While diagnosis and research aren’t primarily necessary for med spas, there are some who might consider using this kind of software with more specific services.
  4. E-Prescribing Software: E-prescribing software allows providers to easily manage any prescriptions or medications that patients or clients may have, giving them the ability to track, renew, and cancel these prescriptions.
  5. Telemedicine Software: Telemedicine software allows for remote healthcare appointments, allowing patients and providers to connect with each other online, through a mobile app or their web browser.
  6. Appointment Scheduling Software / Appointment Booking Software: Use spa appointment software to let your patients book appointments with ease, spa owners! Bookings and spa appointments can easily become a mess, which is why online booking or spa scheduling software is essential for med spas and other clinics these days. 
  7. Medical Billing Software: Keep track of payment processing, invoices, and all financial operations with your med spa with software specifically designed for billing.
  8. Spa Management Software: Software meant for all administrative tasks, your back office of your med spa, including inventory management, employee management, automated marketing, automated reminder options, marketing tools, electronic forms, loyalty program tools, POS system, and more.
  9. Health Tracking Apps: Some med spas use health tracking apps to provide better care for their patients, giving a holistic care and treatment experience.
  10. Documentation Software: Usually covered by EMR or EHR, documentation software makes the recording and storing of documents simple and quick.

Calysta EMR: Your Med Spa Business’s Singular Software Solution

Calysta EMR is a first-of-its-kind business management software specifically designed for aesthetic clinics, med spas, plastic surgery centers, and even wellness centers. Equipped with features created with medical salons in mind, this helps any med spa owner have peace of mind knowing that their business is running in the smoothest way possible. 

  • Zoom Integration: Telemedicine doesn’t have to be exclusive to physician offices. With Zoom integration, Calysta allows aestheticians to conduct initial consultations and follow-up meetings purely online. This allows clinics to expand their customer base and interact with a wider range of interested patients without the extra trouble of them visiting the clinic. 
  • Customizable Note Templates: Save time on documentation with customizable note forms that aestheticians can use during microneedling, laser procedures, injectables, among other services. These templates can be saved and used by any aesthetician or staff member for streamlined note taking. 
  • Automatic Backups: Calysta is a plug and play option that doesn't require extra work from the team. Automatic backups means your patients’ data and any other information you have uploaded on the system is regularly saved on the servers. 
  • Text Message Integration: Send reminders and announcements to patients in just a couple of clicks. This one-way text messaging feature can reduce no shows and foster stronger relationships with clients. 
  • Digital Consents: With Calysta, your aesthetic clinic has the ability to send digital consents before the patient even sets foot in the clinic. This helps ensure that clinic visits and appointments go by smoother and faster by reducing the amount of paperwork done in the clinic. 
  • Touchless Payments: Offering online payments can keep patients faithful to their bookings. Prepayments are known to reduce no-shows and provide a positive impact on your clinic’s overall schedule. 

What To Remember When Choosing Your Spa Business Software 

The medical spa software you choose to help your med spa will define the success you achieve as a business, so choosing the right software for you and your staff is essential. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when choosing your med spa business software:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing our med spa? Figure out the most challenging pain points, the problems your team encounters most often, and the issues stopping your med spa from growing and becoming the best it can be. 
  • What kind of features would help us get to the next level right away? You should be looking for software solutions that will come in and change things immediately, for the better. Find software built with the right tools and functionality to equip your med spa and team with exactly what they need to move your med spa forward.
  • What can we afford in terms of budget, and is this tool appropriate for our med spa? You don’t want a software solution that is too big or too expensive for your med spa. Different med spas and different teams require different tools, and choosing the one that fits your budget easily while sliding into your existing processes seamlessly is the best choice you can make.

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